Gaseous Fire Suppression

Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems

Plynová hasicí zařízení

We use gas fire extinguishing systems wherever the use of water can cause irreversible damage, 

e.g. electrical installation, It is even prohibited to use water in following businesses: data centres, transformer stations and switchgears. 

The released gas or gas mixture displaces the oxygen. The area to be protected

is virtually flooded by release, thus extinguishing the fire. The extinguishing agent supply consists of several pressure cylinders and is connected via pipelines with spray nozzles. It can be relesed either manually or in a system-controlled manner.


  • Efficient and quick system response
  • Space saving (floor loading)
  • Simple installation
  • Variable and modular systems

Most frequent places of use:

  • Server rooms
  • Processing centres
  • Paint businesses
  • Transformer stations
  • Switchgears
  • Chemical industries
  • Spark extinguishing systems
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